Tooth/Gum ache - infection

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Tooth/Gum ache - infection

Gums and Oral Health

Oral health can be an indication of the health of your entire body. If you have healthy gums and teeth, your overall health is generally pretty good too.

If you have poor teeth and gums, it is suggested you should seek medical attention and review your overall diet and nutrition.

What to do when you have the occasional sore gum or tooth? There are several essential oils known to help with many oral and gum problems.

Simply add to a couple 1/4 of a cup of warm water and rinse or and gargle several times a day.


Breathe Freshening mouth wash

Lemon - 4 drops 
Peppermint - 2 drops

·       Add to 2 cups distilled water, Shake well before each use.

·       Swish a mouthful for about 1 minute and spit out.

For Antiseptic mouth wash

Add 8 drops of Tea tree oil to the Freshening mouth wash.


Antiseptic Gum Oil

Tea Tree - 10 drops 
Peppermint - 1 drop 
Lemon - 3 drops 

Clove – 1 drop
Almond oil or Coconut oil - 1 teaspoon

Firstly brush and floss your teeth and rinse with a mouth wash.

Apply a small amount of Antiseptic gum oil to gums once a day.

If the source of irritation, or gums do not heal, please see your dentist.

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